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portable fire extinguishersThe ABC's of Portable Fire Extinguishers

If you have fire extinguishers or other fire safety equipment in your place of business, it is imperative that at least some members of your staff be knowledgeable in their use. The experienced professionals at Fire-X offer complete fire extinguisher safety training and training on any fire suppression systems you may have in your building or facility.

At Fire-X, we can also install, service and train your employees on all of the safety equipment that we sell. We offer fire extinguisher installation, fire extinguisher repair and fire extinguisher training. We are your complete fire equipment service providers in Toledo and Northwest Ohio.

Toledo OhioFederal regulations require that employers who provide portable fire extinguishers in the workplace also provide fire extinguisher safety training for their use. Used properly, portable fire extinguishers can save lives and property by putting out a small fire in the workplace or containing one until the fire department arrives. You can trust Fire-X Associates to train your employees and offer continuing education programs as needed.

It is essential that all employees be familiar with the proper use of portable fire extinguishers and know when and when not to use them. In the event of a fire, employees should respond in accordance with their company's fire-emergency plan. Most employees will evacuate. Certain trained and designated employees will evaluate the fire scene and, if the fire is small and conditions are reasonably safe, use a fire extinguisher to fight the fire. If the fire is large or conditions are unsafe, all employees will evacuate.

Contact Fire-X today for all of your fire equipment needs. We want to be your source for fire extinguishers, fire alarms, fire sprinklers and more.

Call us today at 419-241-3430.


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